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It comes from a mutation of Oronules.

Not many data on its evolution, we know that the tree is an interim force and its production is higher than the clementine Oronules, being the fruits of high caliber, color is very early to take the first half of September.

Having an intense reddish orange color very attractive. The flesh is tender, with good content in juice of pleasant taste. Because of its earliness not to do any treatment on skin
Average production:
230.000 kg

This variety of orange is very similar to Navelate oranges, but with a smaller amount of juice. Orange is usually set aside as a table, it is easy to peel, no seeds and its taste is sweet.

The fruit is large, orange, has a special attachment to the stalk and remains in the tree business in excellent condition for a long time. The pulp has good organoleptic qualities, not getting the juice, shortly after having extracted the characteristic bitter taste of most varieties of navel group.

It has a wide collection period.
Average production:
25.000 kg(2013-2014)


Her skin is soft and smooth, not seeds.

The fineness of the pulp, juice content, pleasant taste and its optimum acid content makes this variety the better quality of crops.

Average production:
180.000 kg

His skin is thin, almost seedless, with fresh juice and tasty. Its shape is somewhat flattened. The flesh is very good quality. Ripens very early.

Size medium. (Approx 70-80 grams). Thin skin. Somewhat flattened. High quality pulp. Practically seedless.

Ripens very early, approximately fifteen days before Oroval, depending on the area.
Average production:

This orange belongs to the family of White oranges, which are ideal for the realization of juice on a personal level and industry. One characteristic is the absence of navel orange.

Salustiana orange is round or slightly flattened, thin-skinned and of medium to large and virtually seedless. Its juice is ideal for fruit sweetness.
Average production:
690.000 kg

Valencia Late
The valencia orange variety is late maturing late, maturity is between spring and summer. Valencia Late oranges are the most important variety in the world, stresses its large amount of juice slightly more acid flavor than other varieties of orange, has a thin crust and a nice pulp no sign of seeds.

Its size can vary, but usually late Valencia orange fruit medium to large size and slightly flattened. Its use can be for eating, and for the extraction of fresh orange juice.

This variety is late.
Average production:
5.400.000 kg
caqui rojo brillante

el "Rojo Brillante" puede considerarse como una variedad de media estación. El árbol es de buen vigor, produciendo frutos gruesos, oblongos, de buena calidad y aspecto. su epidermis es delicada lo convierte en un fruto muy sensible a las adversidades climatológicas como las heladas o el granizo. Su color de piel semiadherente y de grosor medio, con color amarillo anaranjado en la recolección y rojo intenso al madurar, su gusto es dulce en la madurez y muy astringente, su pulpa de tacto consistente y color naranja rojizo en la recolección. En la madurez se caracteriza por un color rojo intenso y pulpa acuosa. En el mercado suelen aparecer a mediados del mes de octubre.

Producción anual media: 7.000 kg (2013-2014)
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